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Grow Your Audience, Boost Your Sales

Let Me Prepare a Social Media Plan
That Elevates Your Reach and Drives Real Results

It's not just about posting content; it's about making each post count. Many small businesses post regularly yet miss the mark on engagement and sales.

Here's the Reality...
Random content leads to random results.
I'm here to change that with a methodical and data-driven approach that puts your social media efforts on the map.

Expect Transformations:

✓ From followers to loyal fans
✓ From content to conversations
✓ From interactions to transactions
What You Need:

✓ Increased Follower Count
✓ Viral Content Creation
✓ Tangible Sales Through Social Platforms

What I Offer:

✓ Targeted Audience Growth Strategies
✓ Viral Content Action Plans
✓ Direct Sales-Driven Campaigns

Real Growth Starts With a Solid Plan

Let's create a social media strategy that's not just about being seen,

but about being remembered and driving revenue.

Relaxed. Confident. Getting regular updates.
Finding your audience. Designing your plan. Setting up your social media success.


It's simple. Just fill out the form below, and let's set up a consultation to fit your style—it can either be a live video call or a convenient text conversation via email. You'll find more details below.


What Your Custom Social Media Strategy Includes:

✓ Individual Consultation: Choose between a 30-minutes video meeting or an email chat to get started ($100 worth).

✓ Audience Growth Mapping: I'll analyze your existing and potential audience, conduct a competitor analysis, and identify the best paths to broaden your social media following.

✓ Viral Content Guidelines: You'll receive a guide for crafting content that has the potential to go viral and capture attention (in your niche) along with few, personalized content ideas.

✓ Sales Conversion Tactics: I'll prepare specific social media marketing strategies that will help you turn your social engagements into leads, and those leads into loyal customers.

✓ Platform-Specific Strategies: I'll pinpoint the most effective platforms for your brand and how to make the most of them (considering your business objectives).

✓ Content Calendar Crafting: Get a detailed content calendar template (personalized to your brand) designed to keep your audience constantly engaged.

✓ Community Building Techniques: Learn strategies to foster community interaction and enhance brand loyalty (based on your audience type and behavior)

✓ Free Review: After reviewing your custom strategy, you get one comprehensive update to refine all the areas you wish to adjust.

✓ BONUS: Ongoing Support: Enjoy two months of unlimited email consultation to assist in implementing your strategy and answering any questions that arise ($500 worth).

Price:  $750  $499*

Step 1: Book a consultation (below): $50

Step 2: Pay the rest after the meeting (only if we agree on the details)

*Only for the first 15 clients.

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